Attaching files and model outputs

As seen in the previous section by committing, source code and environment files are captured & uploaded. More files can be attached to the notebook such as files with helper code, output files/model checkpoints that the notebook is generating.

How to attach files?

jovian.commit(files=[], outputs=[])
attach csv, images to notebook versions

What to include in the files argument?

The type of files which is required to run the notebook.

  • Helper code (.py)

  • Some input CSVs

What to include in the artifacts argument?

Any type of outputs that the notebook is generating.

  • Saved model or weights (.h5, .pkl, .pth)

  • Outputs, Submission CSVs

  • Images outputs

Where to search for the files after committing?

All the attached files are listed under Files Tab.

Files can be:

  1. Renamed

  2. Downloaded

  3. Deleted

  4. View Raw

  5. Uploaded