Adding Topics to your Notebooks

Jovian allows you to add topics to your notebooks. Adding topics to your notebooks helps other people find and contribute to your projects easily. You can add topics related to your project’s intended purpose, subject area, frameworks/languages used, or other important qualities that you find useful.

About Topics

With topics, you can explore notebooks in a particular subject area, find projects to contribute to, discover new solutions to a specific problem, or simply explore the frameworks that you love in action. Topics appear on the main page of a notebook. You can click a topic name to see related list of other notebooks tagged with that topic.

Topics Box

To browse the most used topics, go to

How to add Topics in your notebooks?

1. Click on Add Topics button in the Notebook page.

Add Topics button in Notebook landing page

2. Type the topic you want to add to your notebook, then type a space. Only lowercase letters, digits and hyphens are allowed in a topic name.

Type/add/modify topics

3. After you’re done adding topics, click Save.

Save topics


Collaborators in your project will also be able to Add/Modify topics.

Explore Topics

Public, secret and private notebooks can have topics, although you will only see private/secret notebooks that you have access to in topic search results.

To explore more notebooks tagged with a topic, simply click on a topic badge that appears in the Notebook page.

You can search for notebooks that are associated with a particular topic. You can also search for a list of topics on Jovian. Change the URL on topics page with a comma separated list of topics.


Topics Page

Topics Page