Notebook versioning and diffs

Version control

If you’re used to creating many duplicate versions of notebooks with slight modifications and long file names. Look no further, Jovian will be your version control for notebooks.

jovian.commit records all the versions under same notebook project. So, each change can be a version by author and collaborators which can be easily toggled in the website

jovian jupyter version control


You have to own the notebook or have to be a collaborator to commit changes to the same project notebook. If not you can commit any changes made to your profile as a new notebook.

View Differences

All the versions are comparable, you can view additions, deletions made among any 2 versions of the notebook and also hide/show common part of the code.

How to view the differences?

  1. Commit different versions and visit Jovian .

  2. Click on Version drop down on the right top corner.

  3. Click on Compare Versions

  4. Select any 2 versions with the use of check boxes and click on View Diff button.

jovian jupyter version diffs

There are more things to be compared, but first let’s add more content to the notebook to understand all the parameters that can be compared. Click on Next to follow through.