Collaborating on Jovian projects

Jovian allows you to add collaborators to work with you on a ML Project.

How to add collaborators?

Click on Share button of the notebook and add them by their username or email id registered with Jovian (you can add a non jovian user email id as well to send an invite).

Collabarators with jupyter notebooks

This will allow the contributors to be able to commit changes to the same notebook project. The experiments by all the collaborators will also show up in the compare table tab.

Comment on individual code cells

Users can comment on any code cells individually and maintain that thread to have specific discussion about a part of the source code with context.

notebook cell comments

Maintain public, secret and private notebooks

You can find the option to Public, Secret and Private in the settings for each notebook.

  • Public : These notebooks are visible on your public profile and accessible to all.

  • Secret : These notebooks are hidden from your public profile but anyone with the link can access the notebook.

  • Private : These notebooks are also hidden from your public profile and are only accessible to the owner and collaborators.

private jupyter notebooks

Note that Private and Secret notebooks will still be visible when you’re viewing your own profile. To hide a notebook from your own profile you can archive it.